Hey guys – it’s me again – ready to go to bed – but wondering one thing – and I want your opinion – because I do not really have one yet…

the topic? FAKE BRANDS

Is it okay to walk around f.e. with a fake Prada bag which is a really good fake and to tell everyone that it is in fact a real one – saying “You haven’t seen this one before? Oh – probably because it is vintage” or “You might have  missed it…”?

I have to admit – there are great fakes in the world – you can’t see the difference – or only if you look inside a bag – what you never do – looking into a Lady’s handbag is a no-go – isn’t it?

Well back to the no-go or go-go fake brands: It is all about appearance and reality – but what is the crucial point? That you know your handbag is a real D&G, Prada or Dior or that the others believe that it is a real one?

Is there actually a right answer or is it just about self-esteem? Do you need a real designer bag to feel good or do you just not care because you are just fabolous?

Think about guys and write your comments – I am looking forward to

xxx and hugs, the real Pradadevil 😉


February 24, 2010. Tags: , , . Fashion.


  1. Hawley replied:

    I really think it is NOT okay to walk around with a fake bag on your arm claiming it is real. People will do whatever they want either way, but it is incredibly disrespectful to a designer to steal ideas and claim them for your own, much the same way plagiarism is a serious offense in journalism. You don’t always need an expensive bag to look amazing, in fact, I would venture to say that people who have less money and manage to look and feel on trend and in fashion work harder and most of the time look better than those who can afford everything they want and are branded from head to toe.


  2. slamdunk replied:

    Having little fashion sense, I would defer to other experts for an opinion on this one.

    From a business perspective, I would say that it is wrong to violate a designer’s copyright with a fake bag or whatever, but it is understandable that once a style has been made popular, competitors will quickly make items very close to what is popular–and not violate anything.

  3. pradateufelchen replied:

    hm – thanks for your comment slamdunk 🙂

    but is it really so violating to have a fake bag? Usually you have one if you can’t afford the real brand – so you are not a potential customer of this brand…
    and still: with you fake f.e. handbag you advertise this brand…which might not be important for brands we all know but especially for new, young labels…

    What about this aspect ? 🙂

  4. Slamdunk replied:

    Good point and you certainly could argue that there are benefits to having your handbag faked (advertising, etc.), but I think the designer would argue that even if he or she loses just one sale to a fake that is not worth all of the time, effort, and research and design that went into making the bag.

    The benefits received from the marketing would be difficult to measure, but it may also be possible for the desinger to look at making a lower priced version of the bag.

    Also, if you accept blogging awards, I left you a couple (you are welcome to take both, one or none) on today’s post .

    I things are going well for you.

  5. Slamdunk replied:

    Your welcome with the awards, and they are easy.

    The only rules are to make a blog post and:

    1) Put the award’s image on your site;

    2) Choose several other blogs that you want to give the award to (and tell them that you are giving them the award);

    3) Include the link of the person’s blog who gave you the award (or my blog in this case).

    4) If you choose the “Happy 101 Award”, you should also list 10 things that make you happy.

    If you have questions you are welcome to post a comment on my blog or email me at theslamdunktrove@gmail.com .

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