kind of I came across this really interesting new young designer. At the time only designed tops are in his shop, but I am definitley looking forward to seeing more from Lennart Wronkowitz and his label Ronko.
Well – surely he will not have completed his training yet and the designs are probably not yet as professional as seen at big labels, but he is very up-and-coming and I am really trying to get one of his SS10-pieces at the time – a shirt I really love 🙂
check it out…

and also check out his hp: Ronko

what I personally like is that he seems to not follow any rules – there is no pressure behind his designing – of course you can see certain patterns in his style, but it is young and fresh and you can see that he designs, because he actually likes designing – not because of anyone waiting for his new collection, not for his certain target group, although the latter is rather young and rock n’ roll with a whiff of gaga, manga, comic and romance…please Lennart – do me the fav and stay that authentic. That way you will rock the fashion heaven sooner or later 🙂

ok guys – going online-shopping now – need, need, need a cocktail dress and hope to find it on net-a-porter – see you soon on my fashion-blog – xxx


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Fashion faux pas No. 3

ok – have thought about no. 3 quite a while and the decision was quite tough – but here it is – fashion faux pas No. 3….tata
today it is all ’bout CROCS – and it was really hard for me to even write this word – not to mention saying it or even torture my feet by wearing them…

ok – no – I’ll retract that – they are great – for some afternoon-gardening – and for your dog to play with…no garden? no dog? throw out your crocs – your shoe cabinet will love you and will be very thankful…

one or another of you might say now: but… – I could say: there is no “but” – but I’ll listen..

so: you might say: they are great, they are comfortable (a no-go-word, btw), and you can put cute little tags into the holes…

and I say….still, there is no “but”, because this “but” does not count – as I said before (also cf. fashion faux pas No.1): comfortable is not an argument…and the little tags? Well, if you like little figures and stuff to make your look unique: get your own Thomas-Sabo-bracelet… 🙂

so: still any counter-arguments out there? No? That’s how I like it 😉

so guys – see you hopefully sooner again than this time – and be tense for the next episode of “Fashion faux pas”

P.S.: If you have any suggestions for this series, please comment them – maybe it will already be online next

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Posh Spice finally becoming really posh…

Well – usually we know her as too thin with loads of aesthetic surgery and in too small size minus zero – all combined with her very inimitable bitchy way of “I-try-to-smile-but-you-all-make-me-so-sick”.

Lately I saw a new Victoria in the media. All started of with her TV-training for her job as judge on pop idol – well her little intermezzo in looking for the new wannabe-singer was – as we all know-  not very successful but the TV-training seems to have changed something in Posh’s attitude towards all the bad bad people out there filming and interviewing her (which by the way also made her famous – just a fact popping up in my mind ;-))

And with finding her so-long-lost smile again and getting her implants taken out of her berast she catapulted herself and her fashion line into heaven of fashion. And I have to say: Her fashion has got it – the special thing – I love her outfits. They are great for the Fashonista-Business-Lady and she is one of the very few designers from whom I love actually every piece…Thumbs up for Posh-Spice :-)))))))))

p.s.: check it out!

Vicky’s dresses

guys – somewhen in the next days (latest friday) the new fashion faux pas will be online – wait for it with great anticipation…xxx

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