Posh Spice finally becoming really posh…

Well – usually we know her as too thin with loads of aesthetic surgery and in too small size minus zero – all combined with her very inimitable bitchy way of “I-try-to-smile-but-you-all-make-me-so-sick”.

Lately I saw a new Victoria in the media. All started of with her TV-training for her job as judge on pop idol – well her little intermezzo in looking for the new wannabe-singer was – as we all know-  not very successful but the TV-training seems to have changed something in Posh’s attitude towards all the bad bad people out there filming and interviewing her (which by the way also made her famous – just a fact popping up in my mind ;-))

And with finding her so-long-lost smile again and getting her implants taken out of her berast she catapulted herself and her fashion line into heaven of fashion. And I have to say: Her fashion has got it – the special thing – I love her outfits. They are great for the Fashonista-Business-Lady and she is one of the very few designers from whom I love actually every piece…Thumbs up for Posh-Spice :-)))))))))

p.s.: check it out!

Vicky’s dresses

guys – somewhen in the next days (latest friday) the new fashion faux pas will be online – wait for it with great anticipation…xxx


March 2, 2010. Fashion.

One Comment

  1. slamdunk replied:

    Funny post. Your quote of “I-try-to-smile-but-you-all-make-me-so-sick” is hilarious.

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