Fashion-Encyclopedia No.1

Hey guys,

Easter has arrived in our home. Everywhere bunnies, eggs and a potpourri of everything that gives us joie de vivre – something we all need after the long winter with its grayish pabulum…

And Easter also means: tradition – at least in my home…every year the same food, the same decoration, the same dishes….and: the same style of clothes –> which leads me to this “special edition” and new category on my blog…..every year at Easter I wear one of my dirndl !

Do you actually know what that is? It is a traditional Bavarian garb for ladies – and the gents wear special leather trousers…

well – back to the dirndl: I kinda love them – they are not at all high fashion – you won’t see anything like this in London, Paris, Milano or New York – but it is so feminin and every woman looks just her best in it – no matter what her figure is like…do you know anything else like this?

Now: check it out….and google for more… 🙂

Happy Easter my beloved fashion-victims =D


April 3, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Slamdunk replied:

    Happy Easter to you also.

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