kind of I came across this really interesting new young designer. At the time only designed tops are in his shop, but I am definitley looking forward to seeing more from Lennart Wronkowitz and his label Ronko.
Well – surely he will not have completed his training yet and the designs are probably not yet as professional as seen at big labels, but he is very up-and-coming and I am really trying to get one of his SS10-pieces at the time – a shirt I really love ๐Ÿ™‚
check it out…

and also check out his hp: Ronko

what I personally like is that he seems to not follow any rules – there is no pressure behind his designing – of course you can see certain patterns in his style, but it is young and fresh and you can see that he designs, because he actually likes designing – not because of anyone waiting for his new collection, not for his certain target group, although the latter is rather young and rock n’ roll with a whiff of gaga, manga, comic and romance…please Lennart – do me the fav and stay that authentic. That way you will rock the fashion heaven sooner or later ๐Ÿ™‚

ok guys – going online-shopping now – need, need, need a cocktail dress and hope to find it on net-a-porter – see you soon on my fashion-blog – xxx


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Hey guys – it’s me again – ready to go to bed – but wondering one thing – and I want your opinion – because I do not really have one yet…

the topic? FAKE BRANDS

Is it okay to walk around f.e. with a fake Prada bag which is a really good fake and to tell everyone that it is in fact a real one – saying “You haven’t seen this one before? Oh – probably because it is vintage” or “You might have ย missed it…”?

I have to admit – there are great fakes in the world – you can’t see the difference – or only if you look inside a bag – what you never do – looking into a Lady’s handbag is a no-go – isn’t it?

Well back to the no-go or go-go fake brands: It is all about appearance and reality – but what is the crucial point? That you know your handbag is a real D&G, Prada or Dior or that the others believe that it is a real one?

Is there actually a right answer or is it just about self-esteem? Do you need a real designer bag to feel good or do you just not care because you are just fabolous?

Think about guys and write your comments – I am looking forward to

xxx and hugs, the real Pradadevil ๐Ÿ˜‰

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