Gray – the new blond?

It’s me again – the second time today – but it is something I really had to think about in the last days – the new trend: silver-gray.
No – not clothes – our hair!

When the hell did gray started to be the new blond? Since all times women dyed their hair – you could state that the Germanic people started off the whole dyeing hair thing. Red for fighting and reportedly blond out of fashion reasons . Oh guys – this topic (I mean fashion) is so old and kind of original – is it not?
Well anyway – gray – it is Haute Couture. Dior, Chanel, Armani – they dress in gray, they dye gray – and not only on catwalk…little cute blogger Tavi was seen recently in partnerlook with great K.L. – at least talking about the hair colour – and Kate Moss dressed up as her grandma – well at least her hair was gray and unkempt – although the latter is not really a great news…

No secret that I am not a Kate-fan – but I have to admit, I kind of like the silver catwalk look – it is very French, it is ladylike, it is elegant – or to say it with Mocean Worker: it is Tres Tres Chic.

And girls: from now on – be happy about your first gray one – and save your money from the hair dresser for something better (shoes I suggest ;-)) – it does not only save your money – it is also more healthy – and the first gray hair seems to be the new ticket into the world of high fashion.

Hurray – just found a gray hair – xx and baba – looking forward to our next literary exchange 😉


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