Fashion faux pas No. 1

Yes – I probably set up this blog out of great boredom – and to duck out of learning biology for my A-levels in May. However I still hope to do one good thing…which is bringing more fashionability in the world – which is not really worldshaking but never wrong I guess. At least people should look good when they mess up 😉

I will take this blog as opportunity to finally sum up all the fashion sins I see daily everywhere and which really make me want to crying…

First thing which seems to be everywhere and does not seem to vanish from the world anything like soon are UGG BOOTS.

Who the hell ever thought this was good looking and anything near to suitable? Let me start with the name: Ugg – probably standing for ugly – which leads to the conclusion that the whole ugg-boot-fashion-thing was just a huge joke and somewhere someone is sitting in front of his computer and dies laughing – the only logical explanation for this thing.

Ok – it might be tolerable if someone wheres his uggs in the evening in his flat, sitting in front of his TV – ALONE…Everything else should be just forbidden. Uggs shorten legs and make our beautiful feet look like clubfeet – and I guess noone wants to have clubfeet on purpose and I personabley would not give away only one cm of my leg-length – would you?

And ladies out there in the big big world: “Comfortable” is not an excuse!

Next week: Fashion faux pas No. 2 – be curious until then

xxx, pradateufelchen – the devil going through your closets 😉


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